Morganite And Moissanite

Difference between Morganite and Moissantie


Morganite and Moissanite are two totally different stones.



Morganite is a pink/peach variety of the beryl family.  It has an MoHs hardness of 7.5-8. They don’t tend to be very expensive (though that entirely depends on your budget).

Morganite has very faint peach pink color. The gathers most color from the metal setting it is set on. Due to the color of the stone, the choicest metal most morganite jewellery is made of Rose Gold. You can choose from 10k Rose Gold, 14k Rose Gold or 18k Rose Gold. At AGemz we also offer custom setting and to suit and meet your budget, we can make your engagement ring on silver and Rose Gold plate it.

Morganite is a beautiful stone and the rose gold engagement rings make a stunning alternative to diamond engagement rings.



Moissanite, on the other hand, is very different. Moissanite is all made in a lab. The ‘original’ tiny piece of natural moissanite originated from a meteorite, and was found in Arizona. Moissanite has an MoHs hardness of 9.25, which is harder than with Morganite. You can get it in different colours, though most ladies get moissanite in the colourless form. 

Price-wise, moissantie is more expensive (on the whole) than morganite, but the main factor for the moissanite is the high refractive index, which makes it sparkle more. AGemz offers the best quality moissanite. Our moissanite have a brilliant, beautiful cut, bright sparkle, completely colorless and absolutely NO INCLUSIONS. It is very difficult to tell a difference between AGemz Moissanite and Diamond. A trained gemologist eye and 10X loop microscope is needed to find if you are wearing a lovely AGemZ moissanite ring at a very affordable price or a very expensive diamond engagement ring.

Our jewelers work hard to handpick each stone for our customers to ensure highest standard of engagement rings at the cheapest prices.





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